Banglalink 3G internet packages in Bangladesh 2017

Banglalink All 3G Internet Packages 2017! Hello dear Friend Banglalink internet users, here is your all Banglalink internet package 2017 on one page. I know that at this time every people know about internet packages, Banglalink is a one of the most leading and most popular mobile operators in Bangladesh. Banglalink regularly publishes all latest Banglalink internet offer and Banglalink bondho sim offer. We are only website that publishes all latest and new all bondho sim offer of Bangladesh all mobile operator. In this post may helpful all Banglalink internet users. In this post we're sharing all official Banglalink all 3g internet Packages 2017.

Banglalink All 3G internet packages in Bangladesh 2017 

The company is one of the country’s telecom company, It’s an incredible human being is both 2G &3G internet service. Net outstanding speed and a variety of packages to make them popular .They are doing of lot, but if you are using the SIM of the benefits you can get. The company wants you to know what the internet package will be informed about what to do for her pack .Today you will find the latest information on the complete details of their net pack. Internet package volume and value of the company update the information. So just read this article and get your defined data pack can also help our pack

Banglalink 3G internet package 2017 details:

Date Price Validity (Days) Direct Dialing Code
 2MB  0.85 paisa  1 day  *5000*519#
 3MB  1.5 tk  1 day  *5000*518#
 9MB  3 tk  1 day  *5000*513#
 12MB  4 tk  1 day  *5000*520#
 32MB  9 tk  1 day  *5000*529#
 45MB  10 tk  1 day  *5000*543#
 60MB  15 tk  3 days  *5000*502#
 100MB  20 tk  7 days  *5000*522#
 120MB  50 tk  30 days  *5000*523#
 160MB  30tk 7 days   *5000*501#
 250MB  75 tk  10 days  *5000*517#
 300MB  99 tk  30 days  *5000*503#
500MB 100 tk 7 days *5000*582#
600MB 150 tk 30days *5000*504#
1GB 210 tk 30 days *5000*581#
1.5GB 275 tk 30 days *5000*511#
2GB 350 tk 30 days *5000*506#
4GB 500 tk 30 days *5000*508#
8GB 900 tk 30 days *5000*509#
15 GB 1500 tk 30 days *5000*510#

  • 3% SD &15% Vat+ 1% SC will apply. 
  • To renew Dial *5000*566#and reply with 1 to turn on renewal or press 2 to respond to the auto renewal. 
  • To deactivate a pack write “stop vol” and send sms to 5000.

OLD 2G data packs in 3G 2017

Package Name Price Validity (Days) Direct Dialing Code
 Date  Price  Validity  Activation Code
 2GB  650 tk   30 days  *5000*528#
 120MB  100 tk  30 days   *5000*525#
 20 MB  20 tk   7 days  *5000*522#
 55 MB  50 tk   15 days  *5000*523#
 50 MB  55 tk  30 days  *5000*524#

Morning time data pack in 3G 2017

This morning, the pack will also help you to know the morning pack. I thinking Bangladeshi lot of People using Banglalink 3G Morning time internet packages 2017. Its grate helpful packages for 
Banglalink 3G internet users.

Package Name Price Validity (Days) Direct Dialing Code
 Date  Price  Validity  Activation Code
 200MB  70 tk  7 days  *5000*521#
 1 GB  200 tk  30 days   *5000*526#

Night times internet data time in 3G 2017

90% people using internet browsing 8pm to 12 pm its always . Banglalink 3G Night Time Internet package 2017 its wonderful system. Banglalink 3G its grate perform in Bangladesh at this time.  

Package Name Price Validity (Days) Direct Dialing Code
 Date  Price  Validity  Activation Code
 2 GB  300 tk  30 days  *5000*527#

The pack is very easy to learn to pack the night.

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Banglalink 3G internet packages in Bangladesh 2017
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